Photon SDK
Photon SDK
Seedless Wallet Toolbox

Photon is a collection of open source components designed to make building bitcoin wallets and non-custodial financial apps easier and more secure. App developers can build compelling seedless user experiences using encrypted cloud backup and multi-sig. The SDK is targeted towards react native apps, but native libraries for iOS and Android are planned as well (see the roadmap below).
Seedless Wallet Restore Flow

Photon SDK is fully open source on GitHub. It includes three primary components:
  1. 1.
    photon-keyserver: stores high entropy encryption keys and provides server side security such as rate limited PIN authentication
  2. 2.
    photon-lib: a React Native client module that can be integrated into any wallet application
  3. 3.
    photon-app: a demo React Native application that documents how these components work together in a final product
Photon SDK
Photon SDK on GitHub

You can read more about Photon SDK, its design decisions, and tradeoffs in the Advancing Bitcoin blog post.
Advancing Bitcoin
Advancing Bitcoin Blog Post

For more information on the key server please read here.
Please review the key server api page for documentation how to use the REST api.

Photon lib is a high level library for building bitcoin wallets with react native. You can lean more about the library and how to get started here.

You can try the demo app that showcases the seedless wallet UX that Photon enables.

The Photon SDK roadmap is public here. Feel free to suggest new features in respective GitHub repository issues or start contributing.
Photon SDK Roadmap

Our slack is available if you have any questions about using or contributing to photon.
Photon SDK Community Slack
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